Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pillars of Clouds

As Israel continues its latest assault on the people of Gaza, I've been thinking about what they decided to call it, "Pillar of Cloud". Baring the biblical reference, what does a person envision when they hear that phrase. What is a pillar of cloud? A few things come to mind.

1. Rocket or missile contrails. Justifiable considering how many have been fired from Gazan territory, if not always from the Gazan people. Overall a vision of the destruction of someone else. Considering Israel has also translated the operation name as "Pillar of Defense" one might wonder if they meant for the operation to defend against the destruction of the Israeli people by Gazan rockets. That's what they tell the media at least.

2. Smoke clouds from fires and explosions. Again, a vision of destruction, and one linked to the first one. Such clouds have been rising throughout Gaza as a result of Israeli attacks, generally here, there, and everywhere, which leads me to...

3. A tornado. A devastating and intimidating tower of indiscriminate death and destruction, known for killing many in its wake. Kinda sounds like the IDF in its quest for Zionist Lebensraum, doesn't it. Including in Operation Pillar of Cloud, where dozens of Palestinians have been murdered, over half of them civilians, and easily a third of them mere children, some only infants.

The simple fact is that the name of Operation Pillar of Cloud reflects the actions of the IDF in its execution. Plus, when one factors in the fact that this whole mess was started by Israeli actions, it paints a dark picture. It is clear to me, and others, that the so-called "Only democracy in the Middle East" is anything but. Benjamin Netanyahu leads one of the most brutal regimes in the world. Even worse, he gets away with it due to the assistance of the likes of Barack Obama and Stephen Harper.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Next 9/11

Harper has cut off all diplomatic contact with Iran. According to the media, Iran has declared that there will be retribution for this action. Mind you, I have my doubts. I personally find it more likely that the "retribution" will come in the form of a false flag from Israel. I'm also not alone in expecting an "Iranian" (Irassad? Israni? Whatever works) attack. After giving it some thought, I've come up with a few possible targets.

CN Tower
A bit obvious, but for good reason. Well known, distinct, and a visible target. Plus it generally gets bounced around as a possible terrorist target.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam
Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay's Iranian born wife. Openly critical of the Iranian regime, her assassination could easily be spun as the elimination of a traitor. Plus, the recent announcement of her pregnancy adds a sentimental touch the Isranis may find desirable.

Parliament Building
The seat of government in Canada. A beautiful building. Shame if anything were to happen to it.

Confederation Bridge
This bridge links New Brunswick with Prince Edward Island. It's quite the bridge, stretching nearly 13km, which also makes it easier to target.

Anybody have other possibilities the Isranis might consider?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Peres Praises Servants

Excuse me while I vomit. Peres praised his puppets in the Canadian Government, after they pulled out all the stops in welcoming him. Red carpet? Check. 21 Gun salute? Check. Suckholing? Check, by Harper, Rae, and Mulcair. All three of them seem to be more concerned with appeasing Israel than they are about things like helping Canadians. They disgust me, plain and simple. Legally, their job is to serve Canadians. Instead, they serve Israel faithfully, calling Israel, a great friend of Canada. With friends like Israel, who needs Al Qaeda?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Here We Go Again

Harper is at it again. While taking part in the National Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony yesterday, Harper laid the anti-Iran rhetoric on pretty thick. He rightfully condemned the Toulouse shootings, though blaming them on anti-semitism, rather than Sarkozy's election campaign as many have noted.

That being said, he also condemned Iran, and Israel apartheid week. Noting claims that current Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has "threatened to wipe Israel off the map.", which has been revealed to be a serious mistranslation so many times it's not funny, Harper further claimed that Iran was violating their international obligations and continuing to pursue nuclear weapons. Here's a breakdown of the truth about that. The fact of the matter is that Harper is dangerously wrong, and clearly on purpose. The purpose is clearly to ready Canadians for war with Iran, just as Harper's Zionist masters in the Israeli government want. The fact of the matter is that this is ridiculous and shows no signs of changing anytime soon, sadly.

The People Vs Thomas Mulcair

Yep, Bruce Hyer, the Member of Parliament for the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North has left the NDP caucus. I for one applaud his doing so. He has stated that he still agrees with the majority of NDP positions, Bruce Hyer wants the freedom to stand with the people of his riding instead. I will admit I have a similar stance with the Conservatives. While the Conservatives and myself agree on many things, we also disagree on many others.

One clear example for MP Hyer of this stance is the long-gun registry. The Conservatives recently threw it into the trashcan it belongs in. NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair wants to bring it back, despite it doing nothing but aggravate rural voters, such as those in the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North. MP Hyer voted to eliminate the registry. In short, Hyer is putting his constituents ahead of Mulcair. Good on him.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Look in the Rabbit Hole

The NDP have chosen their replacement for the charismatic Jack Layton in Thomas Mulcair. Or had it chosen for them, for what difference it makes. Mulcair joins Bob Rae and Stephen Harper as Zionist leaders of Canadian political parties of significance. Though considering the mystery surrounding Jack Layton's death and the signs of some kind of possible funny business with the NDP voting does bring one question to mind. Was Jack Layton murdered to make way for the more Zionist-friendly Mulcair? While it is not a theory I cling to, it is one to wonder about, and not throw to the wayside. Considering that the cancer that Layton died was not identified, though some have theories, only implied to not be the prostate cancer he had previously defeated, it could be argued about now natural the cancer was. I will admit that the only real basis for the theory is who benefits.

The fact still remains however, that the three major political parties are lead by Zionists, who would have no problem trampling on the now 30-year old Charter of Rights and Freedoms, much like the United States. For those that would use this fact to go to the Green Party, don't. Elizabeth May is a self-admitted globalist with associations with former US President Bill Clinton. In other words, no better than the Big Bad Three.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Baird Spreads Chicken Legs

I cannot say that I am pleased with this. John Baird has basically spread his legs and bent over, hands on his ankles, for a foreign power. And not to moon them, sadly. While Israel dials up the belligerent rhetoric on Iran, he has declared that he is willing to send Canadian troops to die in a war that shouldn't concern Canada at all. This disgusts me. Canada needs to be lead by Canadian interests. The Government of Canada needs to put Canada first, federally, provincially, and municipally, and instead, they are walking to the beat of Israel's drum. Some would consider such action tantamount to treason. Despite my open dislike of Israel, I would not quite go that far. Still, they don't seem to have far to go, and are certainly heading in that direction.