Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Look in the Rabbit Hole

The NDP have chosen their replacement for the charismatic Jack Layton in Thomas Mulcair. Or had it chosen for them, for what difference it makes. Mulcair joins Bob Rae and Stephen Harper as Zionist leaders of Canadian political parties of significance. Though considering the mystery surrounding Jack Layton's death and the signs of some kind of possible funny business with the NDP voting does bring one question to mind. Was Jack Layton murdered to make way for the more Zionist-friendly Mulcair? While it is not a theory I cling to, it is one to wonder about, and not throw to the wayside. Considering that the cancer that Layton died was not identified, though some have theories, only implied to not be the prostate cancer he had previously defeated, it could be argued about now natural the cancer was. I will admit that the only real basis for the theory is who benefits.

The fact still remains however, that the three major political parties are lead by Zionists, who would have no problem trampling on the now 30-year old Charter of Rights and Freedoms, much like the United States. For those that would use this fact to go to the Green Party, don't. Elizabeth May is a self-admitted globalist with associations with former US President Bill Clinton. In other words, no better than the Big Bad Three.

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