Monday, 30 January 2012

Baird Spreads Chicken Legs
I cannot say that I am pleased with this. John Baird has basically spread his legs and bent over, hands on his ankles, for a foreign power. And not to moon them, sadly. While Israel dials up the belligerent rhetoric on Iran, he has declared that he is willing to send Canadian troops to die in a war that shouldn't concern Canada at all. This disgusts me. Canada needs to be lead by Canadian interests. The Government of Canada needs to put Canada first, federally, provincially, and municipally, and instead, they are walking to the beat of Israel's drum. Some would consider such action tantamount to treason. Despite my open dislike of Israel, I would not quite go that far. Still, they don't seem to have far to go, and are certainly heading in that direction.

Friday, 27 January 2012

War of 1812, SOPA-Style
Yes, SOPA/PIPA, the draconian anti-piracy law beaten off by an aware American public, seems to be coming to Canada. It still sucks, it still won't work, and it still needs to be stopped. Piracy is not the problem here. The problem, is stagnant business practices. They are shooting themselves in the foot, and blaming it on everyone but them.
And then there is ACTA. A global attack on Internet freedoms. Put plainly, ACTA would allow entities from any country to shut down websites from any other country including there own, with no legal oversight. A number of countries have already signed onto it, including the USA, Canada, and much of the EU. Although, not much can be done about this threat, there are some things to note;
1. The EU Parliament has not voted it in yet. You can help try and stop them Here
2. Obama is trying to ram it around the Senate. This is not only illegal, but the fight gives Americans some time to have their say. I suggest taking it.
ACTA was developed in secret, and in any form, must be stopped, and the real problems addressed.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Rumors of Russia

Now I've been thinking about the guy in NS that got busted for passing state secrets off to foreigners. Originally the foreign interests were unnamed(5 will get you 20 it was Israeli), but more recent media scuttlebutt is saying they were Russian. The government isn't saying one way or the other and I got thinking.
1. Harper seems to want war with Iran.
2. Russia has expressed interest in being on Iran's side in such a conflict.
3. Could this be an effort to subtly discredit Russia in advance of an Iranian conflict?
It is something to think about.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why Harper Scares Me

Iran Frightens Harper

This, honestly, frightens me. Harper is for some reason scared of Iran gaining nuclear weapons. I for one am not, for very simple reasons. These are as follows;
-All of Iran's nuclear material is accounted for.
-Iran is only enriching to ~20%, not the 80-90+ needed for a proper nuclear weapon
-IAEA inspectors regularly check Iran's nuclear facilities
-No evidence of the creation of anti-matter in Iran
-No sign of Ferengi doing business in Iran
-Iran is not willing to buy Israeli nukes, nor is Israel willing, so far as I know, to sell Iran nukes
-Peace is good for Iranian business
-For hundreds of years, Iran has been content to only defend itself and its allies

So all in all, Iran doesn't scare me. Harper making war on Iran, does.