Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why Harper Scares Me

Iran Frightens Harper

This, honestly, frightens me. Harper is for some reason scared of Iran gaining nuclear weapons. I for one am not, for very simple reasons. These are as follows;
-All of Iran's nuclear material is accounted for.
-Iran is only enriching to ~20%, not the 80-90+ needed for a proper nuclear weapon
-IAEA inspectors regularly check Iran's nuclear facilities
-No evidence of the creation of anti-matter in Iran
-No sign of Ferengi doing business in Iran
-Iran is not willing to buy Israeli nukes, nor is Israel willing, so far as I know, to sell Iran nukes
-Peace is good for Iranian business
-For hundreds of years, Iran has been content to only defend itself and its allies

So all in all, Iran doesn't scare me. Harper making war on Iran, does.

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