Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The People Vs Thomas Mulcair

Yep, Bruce Hyer, the Member of Parliament for the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North has left the NDP caucus. I for one applaud his doing so. He has stated that he still agrees with the majority of NDP positions, Bruce Hyer wants the freedom to stand with the people of his riding instead. I will admit I have a similar stance with the Conservatives. While the Conservatives and myself agree on many things, we also disagree on many others.

One clear example for MP Hyer of this stance is the long-gun registry. The Conservatives recently threw it into the trashcan it belongs in. NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair wants to bring it back, despite it doing nothing but aggravate rural voters, such as those in the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North. MP Hyer voted to eliminate the registry. In short, Hyer is putting his constituents ahead of Mulcair. Good on him.

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