Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pillars of Clouds

As Israel continues its latest assault on the people of Gaza, I've been thinking about what they decided to call it, "Pillar of Cloud". Baring the biblical reference, what does a person envision when they hear that phrase. What is a pillar of cloud? A few things come to mind.

1. Rocket or missile contrails. Justifiable considering how many have been fired from Gazan territory, if not always from the Gazan people. Overall a vision of the destruction of someone else. Considering Israel has also translated the operation name as "Pillar of Defense" one might wonder if they meant for the operation to defend against the destruction of the Israeli people by Gazan rockets. That's what they tell the media at least.

2. Smoke clouds from fires and explosions. Again, a vision of destruction, and one linked to the first one. Such clouds have been rising throughout Gaza as a result of Israeli attacks, generally here, there, and everywhere, which leads me to...

3. A tornado. A devastating and intimidating tower of indiscriminate death and destruction, known for killing many in its wake. Kinda sounds like the IDF in its quest for Zionist Lebensraum, doesn't it. Including in Operation Pillar of Cloud, where dozens of Palestinians have been murdered, over half of them civilians, and easily a third of them mere children, some only infants.

The simple fact is that the name of Operation Pillar of Cloud reflects the actions of the IDF in its execution. Plus, when one factors in the fact that this whole mess was started by Israeli actions, it paints a dark picture. It is clear to me, and others, that the so-called "Only democracy in the Middle East" is anything but. Benjamin Netanyahu leads one of the most brutal regimes in the world. Even worse, he gets away with it due to the assistance of the likes of Barack Obama and Stephen Harper.

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